Prospr is a comprehensive one-stop-shop platform for your health, wealth and protection needs, built to help you plan for and achieve your biggest life goals. Whether you’re shopping for a new home, covering off your insurance needs or saving for your ideal retirement, Prospr is here to help you manage your goals with easy-to-use online tools and ready access to our licensed, salaried advisors – all to help keep you on track.

Prospr’s team of friendly advisors can provide advice and help you work towards checking off your goals.

How to use Prospr

We’ve worked hard to make Prospr an easy-to-navigate place where you can set your goals. Understand what you need to do to achieve them. And Track your progress. Work toward achieving your goals quickly and simply.

Here’s a quick overview of how to use Prospr:

  • Visit and sign up for a profile.
  • Answer 7 questions to get set up – these are in your Quick Start Assessment, which will ask for information like your income, location and assets (don’t worry, all of these are completely confidential and help us give you the advice you need!).
  • Complete your Needs Assessment – this is where you define what your goals are.
  • Book an appointment with an advisor to get started on your FREE Financial Assessment. Once completed, you will receive a document that clearly outlines where you are, where you’re going and how you’ll get there.
  • Manage your goals and advisor appointments from your dashboard, whenever you like, from wherever you like!

What makes the Prospr platform different 

Life is full of administrative tasks: arranging your next dentist appointment, managing your budget, getting your will in order, finding the right home or rental insurance - the list goes on. Sometimes, the thought of accomplishing all of them can be quite overwhelming and tricky to navigate simultaneously.

While Prospr can’t help you keep the dentist at bay (sorry!), we can help you confidently manage anything from thoughtfully saving for your retirement, knowing how much to put in your RESPs each month to reach your goal of paying for your kids’ education and much, much more—all in one place. 

With Prospr, your big life goals are defined by you with the help of one of our knowledgeable advisors and laid out in a simple to do list that you can tackle confidently. 

What makes the Prospr advisor experience unique

Let’s say you’re getting yourself set up with Prospr by filling out your Quick Start Assessment and defining your goals, but you’re stuck wondering what the big picture really looks like with all this information.

Enter your friendly, real-life advisor. This isn’t just one person we’re talking about—it’s a whole team of people ready, willing and capable of helping you take that next step. Each advisor you connect with can provide you a perspective on your current and future standings, when it’s convenient to you and with the perspective of multiple advisors. 

Backed by 155 years of Canadian trust 

Perhaps one of the best parts about Prospr is its place in the history of great Canadian companies. Prospr is part of Sun Life, whose track record in providing exceptional finance and insurance services in Canada is unmatched. 

Prospr connects you to the bigger picture from your personal perspective and helps ensure you get the advice you can trust to help you Prospr.