What’s a good amount to be saving? Is it better to pay down debts first? Do you need to start thinking about retirement planning?

Many of us use a budget to plan our income and daily spending. The next step to think about is building a financial roadmap. It gives you a bigger picture view of your finances and where they’re headed. Think of it as an easy way to map out your financial future and an important tool for your wealth management. It even comes with clear steps to help achieve your goals.

How does it work?

Step 1

To build your financial roadmap, you’ll start with an overview of the basics like how much you make, your typical monthly spending, and any investments you have. And then you’ll get to the fun part! What do you want to do with your life? What are your goals? Are you hoping to buy a cottage, travel somewhere new every summer, have kids and send them to university? Everyone’s plans are different, which is why your personal financial roadmap is unique.

Step 2

When you get your financial roadmap, it will show you:

  •  A complete picture of your finances including your cash flow (how much you earn and spend) as well as your net worth (how much you’ve saved, what you own and what you owe).
  • An outline of where you want to go. It will include any goals such as saving up to buy a house, building your retirement savings or planning an epic vacation—whatever you want.
  • Actions you can take to make progress toward your goals.

And a Prospr advisor is with you the whole time to keep you on track and guide you down the road.

Why would you want a financial roadmap?

It’s much easier to plan your next steps when you know where you’re headed. That’s where your financial roadmap comes in. It’s like a compass that points you in the right direction. And one that will give you excellent peace of mind.

How do you begin?

You build your personalized financial roadmap by working with a Prospr advisor. There’s no charge, and once you have your roadmap, the Prospr team is with you the whole time to keep you on track and guide you down the road. If life changes, they’ll help you update your roadmap to change with it.

Can you get started on your own?

Of course! If that’s where you’re at, you can register for Prospr for free and start building your financial profile right away. You can explore different goals and see the ways you can reach them.

A great first step when building your profile is to link your banking and investment accounts. Linking your accounts will populate your financial information automatically. It’s secure and confidential, and helps you understand your finances by showing you:

  • How much you earn
  • How much you’re spending and saving
  • How much you’ve saved so far

Linking your accounts will automatically customize any goals you start. Even better, it also makes it easier to set up your financial roadmap and, when you do, makes sure you get an action plan based on your real-time information. And as life changes over time, your linked accounts will update your roadmap automatically.

Get started now with our easy-to-use online tools. And then, when you’re ready, talk to a Prospr advisor to get started on your unique financial roadmap.