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Put your life into perspective with holistic planning tools based on your needs and goals.

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Access personalized advice from a team of Prospr advisors on your time.

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Afford and support my health and wellness

Protect yourself and your loved ones with the right solutions for your healthcare needs. Because a healthy life is a happy life.

Solutions: Health Insurance | Healthcare providers

Be my best self, physically and mentally

With personalized resources to improve both your physical and mental health, Prospr promotes the balance your life needs.

Solutions: Health needs assessment (coming soon)

Protect me and my loved ones in case of illness or injury

Watch your back (and your future) with protection options covering unexpected events involving disability, critical illness and injury.

Solutions: Critical illness insurance | Disability insurance | Living will

Protect my loved ones after I pass away

When you’re covered, everything just feels better. Prospr offers flexible insurance solutions for you and your loved ones.

Solutions: Life insurance | Last will and testament | Estate planning

Grow my savings and investments

Get the financial advice you need to maximize your savings and grow your investments.

Solutions: Registered Accounts (TFSAs, RRSPs, RESPs and more) | Non-Registered Accounts

Manage my budget

Keep an eye on where your money goes and what you spend it on.

Solutions: Financial profile

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Sign Up

Answer a few simple questions about you and your household finances.

Step 2

Set goals

Set your financial, wellness, and protection goals. We will provide recommendations for how to achieve them.

Step 3

Partner with your Prospr advisor team

Connect with our team of virtual advisors who can answer your questions about how to build a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Step 4

Track your progress across your goals

Track your progress and review your plan right from your Prospr dashboard.

We're in this together

Collaborate with your Prospr advisor team and discover ways to help you get on the right path.

No hidden fees

How much life insurance should I have?

Let’s talk about what the right coverage amount is given your financial position and your family’s needs.

No hidden fees

When can I afford a home?

“Let's break down what debt service coverage ratio is, and why it matters.”

No hidden fees

Who should I include in my will?

“Your loved ones would be a good place to start!”

No hidden fees

What's the difference between a financial roadmap and a budget?

“A financial roadmap is a detailed analysis of your financial situation. A budget is more about managing your day-to-day finances.”

These are examples only. Talk to a Prospr advisor to build your personalized roadmap.

"I had creditor protection for my mortgage with the bank before I found out about Prospr's mortgage protection insurance solution. When I switched to Prospr I was able to cover me and my family and save thousands of dollars too. I love it!" 


- Allana, Vancouver, BC 

“Timbo was an AMAZING advisor – he took a real interest in our family and overall financial picture, helping us make sure we’re set for our goal of early retirement.”


- Erha, Kitchener, ON

“This is such a great deal. I get 1:1 advisor coaching, a detailed financial roadmap, and discounts on some incredible partner services, all by signing up for a free account. I love it.”


-Derek, Vancouver, BC 

“As someone who is not familiar with numbers, it’s easy for me to work out how much I should save for retirement on the platform. Also, the questions are easy to understand.” 


-Béatrice, Montréal, Québec

Reach your biggest financial wellness goals

Prospr is designed to help you set and achieve your financial, wellness and protection goals with easy-to-use online tools and support from a team of advisors.


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Frequently asked questions

Prospr helps you achieve financial, protection and health goals. With Prospr, you’re not just investing in the possibility of a healthier financial future, but also in a thoughtful approach to your life’s journey. Because your financial wellness affects more than just your wallet: it affects your future aspirations, the well-being of you and your loved ones and your physical and mental health.

Prospr was designed to help you achieve your financial goals with easy-to-use online tools and knowledgeable, salaried advisors.

When you sign up with Prospr, you get access to a completely personalized dashboard that will help you:

  • Track your personal and financial goals.
  • Get a complimentary plan for your financial goals.
  • Adjust your goals whenever you need to (we get it, life happens!).
  • Chat with advisors through virtual video calls, email and phone.
  • Access holistic advice for your biggest life hurdles, from saving for retirement through to planning for your family’s future.

With Prospr, we start by recognizing that your goals are unique to you. We do an assessment of your financial position and share personalized recommendations to help you get to where you want to be. Plus, you’re backed by an entire team of licensed advisors who put your goals first. They work for you to help manage your plans and reach your goals.

Your information is used to create personalized recommendations for your unique goals. Rest assured your information is always safe with us–it remains confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

The Prospr team uses your information to create personalized recommendations for your unique situation. Your information is safe with us–it won’t be sold to other people.

You can schedule an appointment with an advisor through Appointments. Talk to one of our salaried advisors anytime between Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET and Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm ET. You can choose between Zoom or a phone call.


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Connect the dots between your financial, wellness and insurance needs with a path to a prosperous future.


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