Personal health insurance (PHI), also known as individual health and dental insurance, basically supplements your provincial health insurance. If you’re self-employed, or looking to bolster your employer coverage and are covered by your provincial health care plan, getting your own health insurance is a great way to manage covered, out-of-pocket health-care costs. PHI helps you protect yourself, your family and your budget.

How does personal health insurance help cover your out-of-pocket expenses?

Provincial and territorial health and drug plans in Canada provide coverage for many necessary health expenses. But there are gaps that can leave you with costly medical bills. If you were to get sick or injured, your government health plan may only cover part of your total medical bills, leaving you to cover  the rest. For example, these could include prescription drugs, dental expenses, recovery expenses like physiotherapy, or even emergency travel medical care.

With PHI, you’ll get reimbursed for eligible health expenses. That means if you run into prescription, medical, dental or other health-care costs that aren't fully covered by your provincial or territorial healthcare plan, your personal health insurance will pay you back for some or even all of the eligible expenses. In other words, we’ve got your back when you need it.

What you’re getting with PHI

Personal Health Insurance can be a good way to manage your covered, out-of-pocket health-care costs even if you have health insurance through your employer. And for those who are self-employed or thinking about switching jobs, having your own health coverage gives you peace of mind.

Think of it as giving yourself an added layer of health protection. Or, if you’re self-employed or without an employee health plan, giving yourself a really solid first layer of protection.

Staying healthy is important to us and to those we care most about. And health insurance is designed to help you do just that, by helping you pay for health-care expenses that aren’t covered by your provincial or territorial health plan or employee benefits. 

Even in Canada, it can make good sense to have your own personal health insurance. Talk to a Prospr advisor to find out what might be the best option for you.